Rose Building Garage (Valet Parking)

Rose Building Garage (Valet Parking) offers parking for Lincoln Center and Lincoln Square visitors. Choose the best parking option to meet your parking needs.

Rose Building Garage
(Valet Parking)

165 West 65th Street
152 West 66th Street
Open 24/7
(Map & Directions)

Pre-Purchase Parking Online

Pre-purchase parking is available for Rose Build Garage (Valet Parking). Buy parking online to reserve a guaranteed parking space. Simply select the date and time of your visit to reserve.

Select Your Parking Reservation

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NOTE: If you enter the parking facility before your reservation time or go over your reservation time upon exiting, you will be responsible for paying the additional time based on the posted parking rates.


Daily Parking Rates

Parking visitors can pre-purchase parking online or drive up to the location.

Online Rates
Up to 1 hours $32.00
Up to 2 hours $42.00
Up to 10 hours $52.00
Up to 24 hours $62.00
Drive Up Rates
Up to 1 Hours $32.00
Up to 2 Hours $42.00
Up to 10 Hours $52.00
Up to 24 Hours $62.00
Monthly Parking Rates

Sign up today for a monthly parking spot at Rose Building Garage (Valet Parking).

Monthly Rates
Reg: 24/7 Unlimitd Access $591.34 Buy Now
Oversized 24/7 Unlimtd $675.82 Buy Now

Additional Parking

Additional parking is available at Lincoln Center Plaza Garage (Self Parking). Click here for more information.

Lincoln Center Garage Parking: New Parking Instructions

We want to make sure that you are aware of all the policies and procedures for parking at Lincoln Center. Please review the instructions below. SP+ has implemented a new parking system that reads your license plate, along with supporting touchless and contactless payments, allowing for a seamless parking experience.

To park in the Rose Building Garage, please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the garage through the entrance on West 65th Street.
  2. Stop by the cashier booth to leave your car with a parking attendant and have your reservation available to present to them. If you do not have a reservation, you will need to purchase parking from the machine by the cashier booth.
  3. Once your reservation has been verified, the parking attendant will give you a ticket for your reservation.
  4. Upon exit, present your ticket to the parking attendant at the cashier booth who will retrieve your vehicle. Please scan your barcode from your printed parking reservation or place your cellphone on the red camera scanner in order to exit the garage. If necessary, pay for your reservation at the machine by the cashier booth.
  5. Exit the garage through West 66th Street.

Press the HELP button for assistance, 24/7.